Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yet, Another Video!

Here's another video of our Monday Evening in Grenoble...this is the best footage yet!

Notes from France

Below are some notes and emails that the members of the two Grenoble churches have sent us since leaving. It's great to hear about the trip from those who went, but it's most telling to hear about if from those who stayed behind.

A wonderful experience.
It was as if we were with brothers and sisters in our local church.
We shared a time of joy and praises to the marvelous God.

We were very happy to meet the team.
Be blessed by the Lord.


When American people meet French people, "nothing like this has been done before".

American people and French people can think different, can eat different, can support different sports, can like different music, can have different sort of churches and services.

But Jesus is able to unite different people, to share good times.

That is what we lived during these days with people we’ve never met before!

We are on the same team (the Church) with the same goal and the same Chief.


My two youngest sons both took a big shine to you. Although our encounter was brief, it was heartfelt. We were very moved by your testimonies which made your lyrics come alive inside us. Things get out of perspective in our lives so often and singing full blast to your songs that Sunday pushed everything back into its proper place. Thank you.
The strong sense of brotherly love that oozed out of everyone in that room on that Sunday morning was there for all of us to soak up. It was great and very humbling. God was definitely there with us and pulling us on towards Him.

Sending you all our love,
Heather, Sacha, Noah (Joshua and Fabrice too)

The coming of MP13 to France transformed us, to see different people, but all in communion to glorify God.
The blessings that you have received from God, you gave us.
We felt your love for us.
It was a very good experience for Rachel and us too.
God used us all.
Now we have many friends in North Carolina.

Thanks to God and we send our prayers.
Thank you so much and we miss you.

Christophe, Marie and Rachel

I want to express my gratefulness to the Nags Head Church for sending this group of people to us. We were blessed by each of them! Thank you for the way the group served the church and shared their faith and gave useful advice for the church leaders and for the musicians.
I want especially to thank Nathan and Tricia for sharing their lives with us, both at the women's Bible study for Tricia and at the Concert to raise awareness about CF for Nathan. Many people were touched and saw God through this amazing story!
We will be amazed, I am sure, to see the fruit that will grow from your obedience, your faith and your love!
This morning, I went to take some flowers to thank the lady from Nigeria who let us use the power from her shop for the incredible concert that took place on Monday night. At first she first didn't want to take the flowers and said that she did not deserve them. I had to tell her that God made the flowers for us to enjoy and then told her how so many people were blessed by this concert and how God was glorified ... and she bursted into tears, in front of all her customers and hugged me! She said that everyone must do his little part, here and there... and God will do mighty things!
All my love and blessings to my dear brothers and sisters from Nags Head Church,

Rejoicing with you for the good news we've read about Impact OBX!
Sylvie Glock

We are so happy to have meet you all. We really lived something exceptional with you all we can't explain. We felt god in our relationship. We had in front of us people who are very simple, true and sincere. It was as if we had always know you. We really lived Psalm 23:2 (He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.). We felt inside of us: "if it's like that in the heaven, i want to go there".

We felt so good with you even if it was hard to speak english. When we had to leave and say goodbye to you, it was so hard because, for the first time, we realized that perhaps we will not meet again before heaven. Afterward, we felt empty for several days. We really feel the holy spirit was with all of us.

"Thanks God for what we felt and lived with you. And please God, work in that hearts who listened to you... "

God used us together and that's fantastic...

For me, Christine, i couldn't be to your last concert in Grenoble, but at about 9 or 10 in the evening, I was prompted to pray for you, for people around you and for the place where you were, so that the holy spirit works in you and around you. I was so happy when Matthew explains to us how the second part of your concert was so good. I was with you by the holy spirit.

For me, Jean Paul, i was disappointed to have to work in another place in town and didn't be with you in the streets.

Happy to meet you all again.

Please tell all that Buddy and Heather now have a part of our heart

Jean Paul and Christine

Dear Nags Head Church Family,
Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness. Sylvie, Anastasia, Pascal, Juliet and myself keep singing the songs and reliving the moments we spent with Team France. We are not alone. It seems everyone who was involved with the project is having the same reaction. Their example of Christ like love has had an impact in the lives of many.
The team was a huge blessing to both us and the churches here in France. They were always ready to help and displayed a unity of spirit and purpose. They were full of grace and joyful. Their attitude was always positive. The power of God was present in their lives. They were filled with the Holy Spirit.
When Paul was thanking the church in Philippi for their participation in the Gospel, he spoke of having the Philippians in his heart and that he longed for them with the affection of Christ. Those types of relationships have been forged between the believers here in France and you. We are living out the wonderful truth of the communion of the saints that reaches beyond borders and language. We are the body of Christ.
Paul also recommends Epaphroditus to the Philippians, telling them that he gave himself fully to Christ’s service. He put it all on the line to accomplish the job he was given. Team France gave their all in accomplishing the job they came to do. Paul said that people like Epaphroditus are worthy of honor...
Sylvie and I thank God for the relationships that were created and the ministry that was both given and received. We look forward to seeing how God will grow the seeds that were sown during Team France’s stay. We are already talking of bringing a team your way next summer. May it be so!

We love you very much.
Matthew and Sylvie, Anastasia, Pascal and Juliet

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here are some more photos of our time in France, set to a sweet French song!


Here's a quick video tour of the local Grenoble church building where we spent much of our time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fete de la Musique!

Here's another great video collage somebody put on youtube...if you ask members of our team, they'll tell you that they recognize several locations and bands on this video.

Slide Show

Here are some photos from Matt Glock that will give you an idea of what our concert on Monday night looked like!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday Update

It's amazing to think that we woke up in the French Alps this morning. By noon, we were pulling into Paris via train. Then, flying with the sun and jumping six time zones, we found ourselves flying over Nova Scotia to land in Philadelphia. And, we were all in our own homes by 8:30pm. It truly is a small world after all.

After our concert on Monday night, and after returning to the CEP to unload all of the musical gear we've been using all week and say our final goodbyes to the Glock family, we arrived back at camp around midnight. With a 4am departure, some of the team decided to simply stay awake until our train ride, while the rest of us chose to get a few hours sleep.

Matt and Christophe arrived at 4am to take us to the train station. The 3 hour train to Charles de Gaulle Airport just outside of Paris was uneventful, and most of the team slept nearly the entire trip. Our timing was perfect, as we literally rolled through customs and security and right onto our plane.

At least two members of the team slept the ENTIRE 7+ hour plane trip, while the rest of us entertained ourselves with photos and video from our week and the free in-flight movies. Again, we had just enough time in Philly to roll through the 5 layers of customs and security, check on the soccer scores, make a few phone calls to family and friends, and roll onto our plane to Norfolk.

Less the one hour in the air brought us "home" to Norfolk by 5pm, where Roxanne Staples was waiting for us with our two vehicles. A quick stop for some truly American dinner at Chic-fil-A, and we pulled into the church parking lot just a few minutes after 7:30pm.

My goal today (Wednesday) is to put together some photos and video of our trip to show you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday Update

Although we thought Sunday afternoon's concert would be the climax of our trip, Sunday night turned out to far exceed our expectations, especially when you consider that we didn't even yet have a location to play on Monday morning.

Monday was our last full day in France. It was the first and only day that we were able to "sleep in"...we ate a late breakfast at 9am, and then drove down the mountain to the small village of Froges. We simply spent some time walking around, enjoying the quietness of the mountain village.

Late morning, we drove into Grenoble to eat another great meal at the CEP. We then drove into downtown Grenoble to scout out the awesome location that Matt had worked out for us and to do some final site-seeing and shopping (and find one more eclair chocolat).

A few of the guys returned to the CEP to load up the equipment, and by 8pm we were set up and ready to rock! Within just a few blocks of us in nearly every direction, there was another band on every corner, and with thousands of people celebrating fete de la musique in the city, it wasn't difficult to attract a crowd, especially considering we may have been the only American band in the entire city that night.

Our first 60 minute set went well, although it was a bit rough in spots, figuring out how to deal with the wall of sound from the other bands coming at us from every direction. We took a 45 minute break to walk around and take in the music from other bands before beginning our second set around 10pm.

What took place next is not something that is easy to explain...those next 60 minutes or so were some of the most fun and God-filled moments of musical worship that anyone on our team has ever experienced. Again, I promise that we will have photos and video very soon to show you. Our guess is that around 500 people came by to at least stop for a few minutes to listen to us play and sing about Jesus, and at least a few hundred stuck around for more than a few songs. Many people from the two local churches were there to support us, but most of the people who heard us that night were most likely Grenoble locals who had no relationship with God.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was the opportunity to sing/pray "God of this City" as a few hundred people stood around listening. Knowing that God indeed has greater things to come for the city of Grenoble is a powerfully encouraging thing, both for our team and for the fellow believers that we are leaving behind.

On Tuesday, we head home...leaving the camp at 4am, traveling with the sun all day, and hopefully in our own homes by 8pm that same night.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Update

Sunday was our most fruitful day yet.

Sunday morning, we all arrived at the CEP around 9am with our host families. We practiced some familiar songs with Alan, a US missionary and worship leader for the two churches. The service was a combined service for the CEP and ICG, which is something they do six times a year, so the sanctuary was packed out.

The service went at least 1.5 hours, with more music that what we're used to at NHC...but, we weren't complaining. After leading worship with Alan, Tricia and Nathan briefly gave an update and shared their gratitude to the churches for praying with them over the past few years.

Rick preached, with the help of an interpreter about being a holy people. MP13 played a few of our own songs to prepare people for the concert in the afternoon.

At 4, the building was again packed out for the concert (it was planned for outside, but the weather wouldn't cooperate) Nic and Alex (with help from a few others) played a few of their Contagious songs to warm the crowd up, and then MP13 played for about 90 minutes. After the concert, we all spent an hour or more just hanging out with people and sharing about who we are.

Matt told us that about 1/4 of the people attending had never been to either of the local churches, and at least one person came as a direct result of the invitation she found in her mailbox. A few team members were able to share their faith with those attending, including Tricia, who spent time with a young Muslim girl.

In the evening, we were fed a "BBQ" meal of sausage, hamburger and duck breast, along with several traditional French side dishes. To say this was the best meal yet on our trip would be an understatement.

Monday, we will spend time walking around the small mountain village near our camp before heading back into Grenoble to walk around downtown and get an idea of what the night's open air concert will be like.

Pray that the people walking the streets tonight taking in all of the music will stop to listen to us and will be able to understand our message.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Recap

Saturday was a great day! We ate another awesome breakfast at Champfleuri before driving into Grenoble. Both Pastor Rick and Nathan drove the two vans we are using for the week. The roads are very similar to the states, and they drive on the right (not left) side, which makes it easy.

We spent several hours in the morning and early afternoon sharing ministry experience with local musicians and church leaders. Rick led a corporate time of teach about purpose and vision, then brunch. After the food was gone, Nathan led a group of MP13 and local musicians discussing worship ministry, while Rick and a few others from our team talked more about ministry strategy with local church leaders.

After lunch, the team split up as several members were picked up by their host families for the night. About 6 members of the team drove up the Chartreuse Mountain to get a view of the city from 2000 feet above. Impressive to say the least!

Last night, everyone spent the evening and night with host families in and around the city of Grenoble. We'll be sure to post personal stories of that time with you ASAP!

Here is a video that Nags Head Church is showing this morning during their worship gatherings!